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Oppo is Ready to Make Find X2 in 2020

Oppo is Ready to Make Find X2 in 2020
Oppo Find X. Photo: iStockphoto

Oppo missed the release of the successor of Find X in 2019. But this year, the Chinese vendor is sure to deliver the Find X2.

Not just a rumour, because it was revealed directly by Vice President and President of Global Marketing Brian Shen through his Weibo account.

“Happy New Year to everyone in advance! We should see you next time # FindX2,” they wrote.

But not only Brian revealed the Find X2, Oppo Founder and CEO Chen Mingyong confirmed that it would release Find X2 in an interview. But he did not reveal much of what will be brought by Oppo’s latest premium mobile phone.

To find out the Find series always brings innovation in every release. Oppo Find 5 comes with the world’s first 1080p IPS screen.

Then they released Oppo Find 7 which brings new technology in fast charging a battery called VOOC. Later in 2018, Oppo released Find X2.

This phone carries a screen without bezel with a luxurious and charming design. To realize that Oppo hides the front and rear cameras. With a pop-up system, the camera will appear when it will be used.

Oppo is Ready to Make Find X2 in 2020
Oppo Find X. Photo: iStockphoto

Oppo Find X2 will undoubtedly bring new technology. Most likely a selfie camera in the screen. They have recently exhibited innovations at the 2019 Oppo Inno Day event in Shenzhen, China.

Find X2 will bring new camera technology. Because of Oppo partners with Sony working on a 2×2 On-chip Lens solution for focus and low light capability.

When referring to the leak, Find X2 will be equipped with fierce specs. The processor will use Snapdragon 865, which is equipped with X55 that supports dual 5G mode. The screen will carry a high refresh rate, as well as charging VOOC wireless fast charging.

When his predecessor was born in Paris, word circulated that the Find X2 would be launched in Barcelona. It could be that Oppo chose the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 event to introduce its champion in the premium class.

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